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Local Pubs and Breweries Offering Take-away or Delivery Services During Covid-19

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As part of CAMRA's #PullingTogether campaign during the Covid-19 crisis, we are highlighting those local pubs and breweries that whilst forced to shut are offering take-away and/or delivery services instead.

The best, and most up-to-date, place to find out about these is the website. A special filter tick-box labelled “Additional Services” has been added to the search page, so as to only bring back these venues.

As with other branches across the country, we are continunally updating the data behind WhatPub to provide details of those branch area pubs we are aware of now offering a take-away or delivery service.

By searching for our branch name on WhatPub it is straightforward bring back all venues in the Berkshire South-East area offering take-away and/or delivery (that we're currently aware of).

Alternatively, you may wish to search using your LOCATION in WhatPub in order to also see pubs and breweries outside our branch area. A search on “Wokingham” for example brings back results including Stardust brewery which is North of our area and Ascot Brewing who are South of our branch area.

N.B. If you are aware of a pub or brewery currently offering take-aways and/or deliveries but not shown as doing so on WhatPub, then please let us know using the “Submit Updates” functionality on the WhatPub entry.

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